Warli is the outcome of a chance meeting between a craftsmen’s cooperative in India of high quality traditional carpets and my western designer creative curiosity. “I started designing contemporary carpets in 1992 and found that working on flat surfaces and decoration was particularly stimulating. In India had merely been fascinated, and to a certain extent I still am today, by the ability of this age-old craftsmanship to reach such incredible quality, able to compete with the most sophisticated industrial technology. Having collaborated in designing products for italian and foreign brands, I thought of using such experience and opportunity to manufacture and distribute my own products by creating a new brand”.

Warli first exposure was at Salone Satellite - Salone del Mobile Milan in 1992. Thanks to this italian brand Moroso became official Warli distributor worldwide for 7 years.

Warli name comes from tribal art of Maharashtra, it also means land, hence the idea of using this word for a carpet brand that would combine in a strong contemporary meaning design, product and person.


Warli works on signs and on materials. On how to translate them into chromatic and tactile surfaces. Modern signs of western design are reworked, “ethnic” ones are revisited, “poor” elements are re-valued. A celebration of all these things, incomplete, transient, non-perfect. Warli identity lies within the continuous search for a contemporary feel for these products, their “history”, respectful of the various cultures and areas where they are manufactured. Warli is the expression of a personal life-style vision, of a daily aesthetic, of the quality one would like to find in things that surround us.


Warli in 2008 was awarded with 1° Prize Creative and Innovative Industries | Chamber of i Commerce of Milan - Italy.