Geodesign is a project of Torino 2008 World Design Capital

organized by Stefano Boeri

In Turin, groups of citizens worked for over a year with top international designers and artists, and with manufacturing companies, to create 48 designs based on their desires.
Turin became an open-air workshop for intensive experimentation, pouring energy into public and private spaces, historic neighborhoods and social housing, on the river, in the streets, in schools, prisons and hospitals, New relationships networks were spawned, applying the concept of design in all its many facets.


The project

Fratia Association is situated near to the entrance of Porta Palazzo and it’s the meeting point of the large Rumanian community of Torino. The main object of their cultural tradition is the carpet, used in addition to the function we know, also decorating the home walls and make comfortable the common room of community. Paolo Zani with his firm, named Warli, lets Indian craftsmen produce carpets and has re-interpreted in a contemporary way this use, something between a carpet and a low seat, designed to be placed along the walls of the common rooms of the Association. Small areas for relax and conversation can be single or double and with two different types of carpet: the thinner one (rib durrie) is attached to the wall; the other one is a thicker floor carpet, a part of which can also be walked on, has a movable cushion that allows people to work on their laptops, converse or read.